Im gonna do that now. xD

So this photographer came to our school to take pictures of the grade eight classes because its our last year at this school and we arent doing yearbooks this year. (Meaning I wont get to show you that picture of Jared and Nick dancing at that Halloween thing like I thought I might be able to, if anyone even remembers that)

She was there for a good hour and a half, and after a while she sort of pulled me out of the crowd and she asks if she can take a few pictures of just me and Im just sort of like what okay sure xD

So she takes a bunch of pictures and it turns out she took pictures of this other girl one time, and she turned out to look like a model in the pictures and everyone was really surprised, and I apparently reminded her of that girl. :o

She told me I have beautiful features too. ;u; I feel so speciallllllll. xD

I have to go now, though. D:

Bye guys! owo